Here's my problem though - I had been having PMS symptoms for a week, 2 weeks before AF was supposed to come. This was new to me, as I never had so many symptoms so early. (Tender breasts/nipples, cramping, feeling nauseous, eating way more, and sleeping way more).
Well, a week later the cramping and sore breasts went away. But the other symptoms stayed. At first I thought it was all in my head, but others began pointing it out.
Another week had passed and AF was due, but never showed. Finally 5 days later AF came, but I am still having symptoms, and my sore breasts and cramps have come back. AF started out brown but is now more of a lighter red than pink color. Could I take a pregnancy test while I am on this "period?"

To sum it up.
My last period was Jan 26, 2011
Current period was supposed to start on Feb 25, 2011, but came on March 2, 2011.

Can this be a sign of pregnancy or just a fluke period?

Sorry so long!