I just discovered the orthomolecular model of health/therapy in the last week while taking prednisone before surgery for nasal polyps. Taking 2000 mg of Vitamin C every hour has been amazing for me in just a few days. I feel so much better. I still have to have the surgery, but I've been reading what Dr Robert Cathcart had written about really, really needing a lot of Vitamin C for a good surgery recovery.

The rules for surgery say that I cannot have anything other than clear liquids up to three hours before surgery. I bought some Vitamin C crystals and would really like to keep dosing myself with Vitamin C up to that three hour point. When I stir the crystals into a glass of water, the water stays clear. So would it be safe for a person who has to go under general anasthetic to take dissolved Vitamin C every hour up until the three hour stopping point?

Thank you if you can help me.