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I'm 14 and a virgin and I'm getting a itching sensation in my pubic area and if I scratch it it bas a burning sensation I have been having it for a couple of days now and it even hurts when I lay on my stomach to go to sleep I need help and idk what to do


Hi hon: It will be a yeast infection, you need too get a 7 - 14 day Monistat or other yeast infection kit. The kit contains a suppository that is inserted into the vagina using a rod like device - don't worry it's REALLY tiny and wont doo any damage or hurt your hymen. You insert the suppository as the instructions say. The kit will also have a cream which you rub on the outside into affected areas. Do NOT use perfume or anything like that OK?

If it hurts use ibuprofen, but if you get it before it hurts you shouldn't need it. So just follow the instructions and know it's common and usual for us too get. It is caused by yeast having too live in a warm moist environment, so our bodies are the perfect site for it. Such as under our arms, breasts, groin, inner thighs, behind the knees etc. And also WHEN you start feeling better, keep on it till you are finished the entire treatment OK? As it can come back really quickly. Good luck hon!