Alright, I am extremely uncomfortable with this topic, but I'm also fairly worried, so I'll try to be thorough.
First off, I'm a virgin, so I highly doubt its an STD.
I had my period, and since I was supposed to be babysitting at the pool, I put in a tampon. I don't usually use tampons, so it sort of hurt taking it out. The next day my vagina was and continues to be incredibly itchy and really sore. I figured this was because of the tampon, so I put on a pad and figured I'd wait it out. The next morning my pubic area was covered in little red spots around where the pad was. They didn't itch, and three days later, they've gone down a lot. I figured this was an allergic reaction, so I took some benedryll and my period is gone, so I've been not wearing pads.
I am still extremely itchy and sore, and today I noticed some (ew) crusted green discharge, sort of like boogers (I know i know, i'm sorry). It freaked me out a whole lot. I'm really really not comfortable going to the doctor, but I will. In the meantime, I was wondering if there were any over-the-counter medicines or ways I can make it stop itching/treat it?
Any help would be appreciated.