I'm a 29 year old black woman. I've been bleeding for almost three months. This is the not the first time my periods been irregular since I ass 13 year old when I had my first period. At age 17 I was diagnosed with HPV, but no one never explained to me what it was. I start hearing more about HPV three years ago. At age 21 I had irregular cells growing on my cervix I got them removed by a LEEP procedure. I had ultrasounds over the years. I was in a long term relationship for 7 years and once never got pregnant my ex already had a child so I know it was not him. I was in a three year relationship and the same thing nothing. After we broke up he had a baby with another woman. I've been diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. I was normal weight standing 5'6 and 148lbs. in two months I went from 148 to 188 this was back in 2003, now I'm 207 never before this had I had a weight problem. No doctor is able to tell me what is wrong with me. I cried so many times over the years about this. I've been on Metformin that did not help either. I'm lost I do not know what to do. It is destroying my life all I do is worry about my health problems. I get tired of all the questions why you're not married or have any kids yet. I'm cared to get closed to any men who do not already have kids, afraid that if something serious evolves I would not be able to get pregnant. It's very frustrating and depressing at the same time. I'm very weak, tired, moody, tired all the time since I've been bleeding. I'm at the point that I do not know what to do and I'm scared what the outcome might be.