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Hi. My name is Cathy. I'm sending you this letter in hopes that you can help me. My husband and I love eachother very much but the one thing missing in our relationship is sex on my part. In the past 3 years sex has been very little and far apart. Recently in the past year I haven't wanted sex at all. It's not because I'm not attracted to my husband any more, I just dont get that tingling feeling anymore. So would you be able to suggest anything I can use or do.

Thank You



I haven't had sex with my husband for along time either. No sex drive but the other night he was drinking and he just kept bugging me to give him oral sex . I didn't e=want to but did it just to shut him up and I got nothing in return. No touching top or bottom. Go figure. He said it was his time not mine. He waned to do it anal I said hell no. I'm not into that at all.

When we were first going out in 1978 we were like 2 dogs in heat. Our marriage has been rocky bit I can tell u he has never hit me. We have been through alot but he says he will never leave me. Time will tell. I have threaten to leave over crazy stuff now and then. If your husband just can't understand that the sex drive is just not there,go see a sex therapist. I haven't tried it may work.

My husband was in prison for 19 months and got attached to one of the young nurses . She helped him get special treatment from the guards ( 1 was her own brother ) but I did trust him. She has not seen my husband since he left the prison and wants to visit. She also wants to kiss him hello. I said HELL NO. He talks about her 24/7. He says she a little cute Italian girl,black hair etc... I'm not jealous cause they have cameras and she would get  in trouble. I told her to stop this sh*t  with my husband and wanting to sleep with him.. I'm not Miss America but I'm doing ok and if he can't deal with it, LEAVE ! I don't have to have sex to be happy but would love to be happy the way we were in the beginning of 1978.