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Hey basically I had sex literally now a week ago and we had unprotected and protected sex.. Well we took the dom off and I was a virgin before but I am EXTREMLY tight its unblievable but he was 11inchs and he shoved it in my vagina without any doubts and because I was a virgin I bled a lot and he really hurt me because he has a hude penis and I have a tight p***y, but the thing is I hardly knew him so I'm not sure if he has any infections or anything but he has had sex quite a lot but I was a virgin, and I've been really itchy lately around my p***y hole and its reallly really starting to worry me I have no idea what to do as I will not go to the doctor as my mum has no idea and thinks I'm a virgin.. I could never tell her but yeah eevr since that rough day I've been itchy nd a little red around my vagina hole :( any help please?


girl go to your bathroom and wet somthing hard and set it in your p***y hole for 30 mins and the punny qill stop the red ness but idk about the itchyness