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ive had a red rash around the vagina opening and it hurt when id had sex with my boyfriend. it started in the first month of taking birth control pills. it later started to itchy just before my period. But i noticed that the day before my itchy vagina started the rash had dissappeared.
I went to my gp about this and she said i might have a uti i got treated for that and then she said i might have a yeast infection. that didnt help either. The itchyness doesnt stay for a loing time but comes bak after a few weeks or months. The red rash however is always there. i have no idea what it is. I used more lub and it helped but it still hurts a bit. my discharge is like a white discharge or soemtimes a clear thick discharge.
it burns when i pee aswell but that was happening to me ages before the rash appeared. so i doubt that it has anything to do with the red rash. i used condoms before i got the red rash so i cant be allergic to it. i hardley used lub before i got it and never got a rash after using it so im not allergic to it either.
i have no stds or anything like that i was tested and came up negative
my period comes ina few days and the itching just started and its driving me nuts but its not very itchy i can stand it and dont itch it.
also the rash appears more after sex.
and i stopped having sex for 2 weeks and it was still there.

can someone help? :-(
its getting me really depressed


There's something causing your rash. Don't settle for living with it. You should also stop having sex. You are irritating the condition. It can't clear up if you continue to irritate it. Are you sure about the std results? Please get answers, perhaps from a second opinion. Perhaps your sexual partner should be tested too. Please let us know what you find out and how you are doing. We want to know. I hope that you will find answers soon. Please let us know what you find out and how you are doing.