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On October 12, my boyfriend took my virginity. We tried to have sex twice that day, but he didn't stay inside too long because I was in a lot of pain. Both times he had a condom on, but once before he put a condom on, he started to rub the tip against me and I immediately told him to stop. We had messed around before and when he would ejaculate, he would cover his ejaculation up with his dirty clothes, but some always got on my hand a little bit. I would go use the restroom and wash my hands, but I'm scared that some of his ejaculation that was on my hand got inside of me. I'm also afraid that his pre-come could have gotten me pregnant. I have been worrying myself about it ever since it happened and I've looked up the symptoms. I even took a pregnancy test a week to a week and a half after it happened, but it came back negative, but I believe that it was too early to tell. I don't really show any symptoms of pregnancy, but at random points of the day I'll think about it and start to worry myself. They say that implantation bleeding lasts only three days if that, but I've been spotting and bleeding for at least a week and a half. Is there any chance I could be pregnant?


As additional information, I'm on a birth-control where I only have my period every three months, so spotting/bleeding right now is kind of strange seeing as my period was a few days before my partner and I tried to have sex. I'm scared that I could be pregnant and I'm not ready for a child right now.


Any answers?


From what you've described it's highly unlikely you are pregnant. However, I do belIeve it was too soon for a pregnancy test. Wait at least two weeks after ovulation to take your test. Best of luck to you :-)