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For those of you that need more information about treating a Chalazion with home treatment, I'm making a site that will give step by step instructions. Hope it helps. I had one for 3 months and got it treated, so wanted to share the experience.

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Hey I had problems with chalazion myself. First it was small but after a few days it has become large and red and painful. I called my doctor and he said that I try with hot towels compression and if the situation doesn’t improve in a few days that I come to see him. Since my condition didn’t improve I had to take antibiotics drops and massage this area few times a day. Luckily this was just enough to improve my condition. After this I hope I will not experience chalazion ever again. But just in case that I do I would like to know what your methods were.

Did you doing something very special or something similar to this treatment? And how long took you to get rid of chalazion?