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Iv got my tongue pierced 3 weeks ago was healing well until one morning around the top of my barbell it has swollen heavilyI have no puss or sign of infection I don't understand why this has happened I haven't been able to downside the bar yet can anyone help me I'm going crazy??


I wonder if you are allergic to the metal that the barbell is made from?  You may want to try to take some Benadryl and see if this helps reduce the swelling from around your tongue piercing.  If it doesn't help it, you may have to see a doctor about it.  Are you running any kind of fever right now?  A fever would indicate an infection.  You should treat this as soon as possible.  If the Benadryl doesn't seem to help, get into your doctor and have him/her look at it.  You may either have to get a different metal if it turns out to be an allergy.