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Hi there, I got my belly pierced at the begining of February this year, I did all the cleaning process etc and changed my piercing a few after. However, when I put the new bar in over the few months it crusted ALOT, puss coming out , blood and overall soreness around the area but I put this down to it 'healing'. I keep getting this problem with every belly bar I use apart from the one I was pierced with which I have in now with no puss or crust for more than a week! Shall I go to my piercer and find out what metal he used and stick with this from now on?



If your body is reacting to your new belly button piercing by causing crusting, pus, blood, and soreness, that is definitely a sign that it doesn't agree with your new piercing! The best hypoallergenic materials for belly button piercings or any other piercing are titanium, niobium, PTFE, and glass. Ask your piercer or piercing shop for a belly button piercing made of one of these materials and your symptoms will hopefully improve very soon. 

It's best to get a new piercing in ASAP, so put your initial piercing back in if you don't have other ones you don't react to yet. In this state, if you just take your piercing out right now, the hole will close up in no time at all.