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at the end of this month (30th october 2011) i will have missed 3 periods, i have taken THREE test, in which TWO didnt work (No outcome) and ONE came back negative, I'm getting the symptoms of pregnancy, Tiredness, Emotional, urinating alot, feeling sick, headaches, sore boobs & bloating.. i'm really confused, if i dont have my period this month, what should i do?? someone please help me :( im young (18) and worried.


See your doctor Gemma.

While it is common to occasionally have a missed or late period, it is not common for your period to stop for months at a time, unless you are pregnant. Your doctor can run a blood test to determine if you are, or find out why you haven't had a period.

Your symptoms are not specific to pregnancy.

You can also try another test. Use your first morning urine, it is more concentrated and should give an earlier indication of pregnancy. Follow the directions carefully.

Either way, see your doctor. It's time.