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I had the3 month contraceptive injection in June 2011 and was due another one in September and a month later i took a test because i had sex with in the first week of the injection and just wanted to make sure i wasn't. The test came out negative. Since October i have had a heavier than normal period after coming off the injection then this months was lighter but still resonably heavy, but i have had extreme pregnancy symptoms for example:

-Nausea (not throwing up, but enough that i ran to the toilet)

-Dizzy spells

-Frequent urination (during the day near enough every hour not so much at night) 

-Heavy boobs

-Bigger nipples with bumps around areolas (nipples range in size through out the day)

- Movement in abdomen near enough everyday (i have seen the "kicks" on a few occasions)


-Insomina on some nights

-Vivid dreams

-Clear odourless water like fluid coming from vagina occasionally

- Days when no amount of food could fill me up and days where i have no appetite what so ever. It goes from one extrme to the other

-Itchy palms

-Hot spells more recently

-Extended abdomen and the bottom sort of look likes a pouch, i have gained weight in other areas aswell expecially my face but abdomen is extremly noticable. I am normally extermly slim and never put on weight before.

- Woke up with blood on pillow once (from nose) never ever had a nose bleed before

-Crying all the time (not normally a cry baby)

-Occasional breif pain in abdomen like shooting pain up one side (sides vary) which does cuase me to bend over in pain but because its only one or two shots pain goes quick or burning sensation just above pubic area NOT WEN I PEE SO NOT ANY INFECTION!

Those are the symptoms i can think of right now the only reasons i think i may not be pregnant is because i have had negative tests and a regular periods. Could someone who has been through the same thing please come forward and say so i would have the courage to go to the doctor for a scan because he refused before as he didn't think i was and made me feel like i was crazy lol.

BTW i wasn't trying to conceive before i had the injection but i warmed to the thought of a baby when i started to suspect it and now would very much like to be pregnant :) Sorry for the essay x


could be a false negative. take a blood test to be 100% sure.