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hi i am 13 years old and my ear hurts and jaw and it hurts when i try and eat something i have broken my jaw before but it never used to affect my ear and when i went to see the dentist he said their was nothing wrong with me but i really need to know what is up with my mouth cause i cant sleep at night and i wake up early but when i am sleeping and it is nice and quiet it dosent hurt (like when i lay on it) but i cant keep laying on it for the rest of my life

i have run out of 2 bottles of calpo in 2 days and i only take 2 spoonful in morning and 1 when hurts and 2 before bed clover oil numbs it but it dosent make it better and when i am stressed it hurts even more and my jaw goes num this on my left side and the left side of my lip go numb but i need to eat im starving but it really hurts

does anyone have any suggestions of what food to eat i am not a fruit person or salad person  eat a few vegetables

but whenever i try and eat something i start crying xx

please tell me what you think is up



just get some olive oil heat it up over a candle in a spoon. then let a cotton ball soak it up. when you're done lay on the opposite ear & you will hear some crackling but it's just the olive oil working. FEEL BETTER.