severe subluxation of the left and right temporomandibular joints, also the tendins and ligaments in my feet are extremely week-the doctor was able to completely bend my feet around against the inside of my leg. Similar problems with the tendons and ligaments in my arms-right arm- tendon-ligament tore in forearm and left bump-similarly in left arm, xtreme pain came on instantly at once- I immediately relaxed arm-pain went away and avoided the same result of pop-relaxed arm and saved myself another injury. Cracking snapping popping of knees, shoulders, neck, wrists-EVERYTHING. I am 37 and was told when I was in my teens that I had bad arthritis. And I do have degenerative disc disease-bulged discs-herniated discs of the neck and back. Other than what I have explained- what kind of oddball falling apart of a body can you medically diagnose and give me an answer as to what is happening to me. To give further context to the weakness in the legs and feet-last year I had half a dozen falls due to my ankles. Falling flat on my face is not where I want to be. My jaw sometimes moves downward a bit too much after the clicking to the point where it does feel like another centimeter and its going to move into a territory where I would have to physically move it back into place. Doctor.........what is up??