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I suffered a tear in my anterior cruciate ligament and I should have an operation by next week

I wonder if anyone has any recomendations regarding rehabilitation after the op coz i heard it is very tough



Hi there,

I know that every problem with ligaments which involves surgery needs a long period of time for recovery. However the good thing is that later after the recovery you won’t be having any problems with your ligaments. You will have to rest a lot and when you are able to move a little bit you will most likely have a physical therapy which will help your ligaments to regain their strength. Can you tell me how did you suffer from this ligament tear? Did your doctor gave you any medication for the pain? I hope that you won’t have too much problems with the recovery and that this helped you in any way.


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I had ACL and LCL surgery 7 weeks ago. I still wear a knee brace and will do for another 5 weeks.
I was involved in a car accident where our car engine set on fire on the motorway and I was rushed up the grass embankment to a place of safety, then later I had to climb in a recovery truck.
Later that day I was coming in from my garden when my foot got caught on the low step.
I felt a sharp twang of agonising pain as I almost fell down. Since then I cannot put weight down on my foot and I have pain at the back of my knee and pains shooting up the back of my leg. I think I've pulled my hamstring. I was told after the op that my surgeon had to use more than usual of my hamstring to fix my knee.
As its Bank Holiday I have to wait 4 days until I can speak with my Physio and out patients
I am bed resting with my full leg brace on. I think that's all I can do for now