Since i can remember i've had blackouts, i stand up, my eyes will be open but i cant see anything, my head spins, and i have to grab hold of my knees or a wall to keep from falling..the blackout never lasts more than 30 seconds.

Since i was 14 i've had excruciating back pain (4 years, I am 18). lower back pain. I gave a normal vaginal birth at 14 and breastfed for 3 months. 

Since January of this year (2014), it all hit. Mid january all of a sudden i was experiencing an unexplained stiff neck, whiplash? i could not turn my head left, right, up or down... worse pain i had ever felt... lasted for 3 days... i bought icy hots and patches, was prescribed flexeril for muscle spasms.

A week later, i could not hold my arms over my head for more than 5 seconds, they were so heavy and weak. they hurt! i fought the pain, tried to do my hair, take pictures, fold clothes, but i simply could not use my arms... i had been up for 6 days, no sleep... no food... i tried to eat...and my food got stuck in my throat...I went to the ER they gave me more flexeril and said I had strep throat... Zpack... i finished all dosage

2 weeks later, sometime in February, the neck stiffness was coming back on, but not as worse, my spine hurt, i was having trouble swallowing, my throat still felt weird, I had these white patches all the way in the back of my tongue along with enlarged circumlative pappilae... the white patches would bleed when i scrubbed them and i was so paranoid something was going on in the back of my throat, not like strep though, ive had strep twice a year every year since i was 7...but again I went to an Urgent care, they did a swab, it was strep throat... they did a neck xray, now that i think about it i never got that back.. anyways, i was prescribed amoxicillin for strep..finished all dosage

Mid february I'm experiencing Neck stiffness AGAIN, im up for 2 days, cant move neck up down left or right. Once I got rest, stiffness was gone.

Im turning into a hypochondriac. Convinced I have cancer or aids or something...Looking to Google for answers, because I KNOW something isn't right, but every ER turns me away with a simple prescription or "its normal".

I got a new primary care doctor and i met her for my physical. I had a CBC done, a pap smear, and a breast exam. A week later the nurse called and said I had low iron and should take supplements and come back in 4 months.


In March I take another trip to the ER. I haven't slept for 2 days, have had no appetite, trouble breathing, shortness of breath, My ears were bleeding bright red blood only when I dug my finger in there or slightly inserted a qtip.. after a couple hours of recognizing the blood, I began to go deaf in my left ear. I was experiencing a pain in my rib cage as if my ribs had been completely twisted around. I was giving myself a panic attack as well. The ER did a chest XRAY, it was normal. They looked at my tongue and prescribed something in case it was thrush, I never did take it. They also cleaned out my ears, they seemed to have been full of wax.. I could hear slightly better afterwards.

a couple weeks later Mid March I am up again for 3 days, I haven't ate anything in almost 2 weeks. Im weak, my bones hurt, my stomach has shrunken so small i could not take any food or drink, i had to force myself to sup water.. I wanted to go to the ER again but instead i made myself go to sleep and the next day I felt slightly better and was able to eat a little.


I have begun to realize I have a terrible time concentrating, focusing, comprehending, I cant sit and watch a movie, or read a book, without my brain fogging up and my mind trailing elsewhere. 

I'm tired, My muscles joints and bones hurt... I try to do stretches but with every stretch i do, whether its a leg stretch or an arm stretch, the whole area cramps up and hurts tremendously.

I feel uneven, like my body is twisted. My left rib cage sticks out at times and is sore, my right ear feels full of fluid, i can't walk flat on my feet anymore, i find myself walking on the sides of my feet, and it is discomforting to try to fix it. my hips hurt. sex is unappealing. i have a lump under my armpit near my breast that gets in the way of me trying to rest my right arm by my side. i can move the lump, it is tender, but not painful.

My hands hurt. I can't write. I am tense all the time and will realize that I have my shoulders shrugged up so I have to force myself to let them down and relax them. My right arm feels extremely awkward, but not painful... Feels like the bones are twisted or arent connected... My fingers cramp when I straighten them (right hand only) my wrist looks twisted, the joints pop with every movement, If i place my hands on my hips the right arm feels backwards, extremely unexplainable and awkward. my shoulders hurt. 

I went to my primary care 2 weeks ago beginning of May 2014. She looked at my spine, felt it. Said it felt straight but my shoulders are "unusually high"... what does that mean??? I told her how achy i was all the time, how my neck felt hard, and asked her to feel a few lumps. (i recognized one in my neck and my hip), she said they were just lymph nodes... but why are they so big and swollen? She drew blood.

A week later results come back. I have low iron, low vitamin D, low glucose, and positive for ANA. I am being referred to a rheumatologist. They tell me take Vitamin D3 2000U supplements and increase my carbs... I scheduled an appointment for tuesday 5/13/14 they will do more blood work.. a hepatitis panel .

I want to talk to her about the discomfort of my right arm, it is the entire arm from the shoulder to the wrist/fingers... But I do not know how to explain to her how it feels.. But it DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT. completely different than the left arm. when i lay down my shoulders don't touch the ground also.. 

I am now very immobile!I mean, I can still move without pain, but is extremely uncomfortable, the bones? the joints? the muscles?? i lost feeling in my right arm last night.. and i did not sleep... I can't drive, write, type, text, lift, fold, do my hair....

Oh yes, stomach pains beginning 5/6/14... Followed with bleeding 5/8/14... I am still bleeding, heavily..I have had the mirena IUD in for 4 years now and Have not had a period the whole time... the past 2 pap smears i've had they said they could not feel my strings.

It takes me hours to find a comfortable position to sleep in and by the time i've found it i have worn my body out... Tingling sensations all up the right side of my spine... Numbness in right arm...Discomfort in feet... I feel I have to sleep with my knees as close to my chest as possible....


Fibromyalgia?MS?Lupus?Hepatitis?Rheumatoid Arthritis?Auto Immune disorder.....


My mom has fibromyaliga... I'm 18 year old female...