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    I'm 56 years old right side of my body it be come numb while i'm  working   the numb  start  from my foot going up to shoulder slowly until  I fell  numbness in to my face and  I felt  I want to past out but  I still manage my self to get to my car and relax untill  the numb slowing down and 1 week after I go back to work  and  I have to move a little bet faster  and only takes  15 mins. it go back  a strong numb start my foot but fast and I relax it takes  30 mins. its slowing  down  its been 3 weeks and still numb.    5-18-15


Hi Vjames,

See your doctor, now.

It could indicate a circulatory problem, diabetes, or a nerve impairment.  Without an exam we can't tell.

Numbness spreading into your face could also indicate a possible stroke or TIA.

You DO need to see your doctor.

Good luck.