I've been going to doctors about this for the last two years and no one can tell me what is going on. It's getting worse and more painful and I'm not sure where to go from here.
It started in my right hand. The heel of my hand is constantly really sore and keeping it in a neutral position with a brace tends to help. I've been told it might be carpal tunnel and also been told that it might be the beginning stages of cubital tunnel but and EMG came back negative. I've also had inconclusive arthrograms and MRIs. I believe that it originated at work due to the way that I rest my hand while using a mouse.

About six months ago my left hand started getting really sore too. I can't recall the time frame, but my pinkie and ring fingers are now constantly numb/tingly and will go completely numb if the heel of my hand or my elbow get bumped the wrong way. I have had an EMG on my left hand that also came back negative.

In my right foot, at the ball of my foot below my last three toes, I experience inconsistent numbness. I have been able to isolate the common factor down to shoes- any type of high heeled shoe I wear, from 1/2" to 4", causes my foot and toes to go numb, and it feels like it originates from that place in the ball of my foot. It also happens in my left foot, but as I write this it is only occurring in my right. I originally wrote it off as a problem caused by my shoes, my posture, or my weight, but I'm beginning to question if all of these nerve issues might be related on a bigger scale.

I've only been seeing a hand/arm/upper extremity specialist for this and I am in the process of getting a second opinion because the doctor that I have been seeing only seems to want to operate for carpal tunnel even though all of the tests I had came back negative for it. I've actually been getting a lot of helpful information from a physical therapist that I was sent to, but I don't know how helpful physical therapy can be when it comes to nerve damage.

I'm pretty sure my left hand is cubital tunnel. I have no idea what's wrong with my right hand. As far as my feet go, is there an equivalent of cubital tunnel or carpal tunnel in the feet/legs? Could it all be originating from one big problem?