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side effect of acl recontruction. i had  an acl reconstruction surgery in 2010 approx three years ago but now the movement of the knee is still not proper 

i think i lost some knee movement permanently and also the pain starts again if i stand for sometime   anybody out have any tips for me pls suggest...


Diagnosing problems in an knee reconstructed after an ACL tear is difficult for an Orthopedist, not to mention a lay person that you will here from on this forum (like me!). However, I have some experience with knee injuries myself.

I assume your rehab went well and you were able to regain most of the range of movement. What could be happening is you are developing degenerative arthritis in the joint. That's been my main problem. You could also have articular cartilage damage which contributes to the arthritis. The arthritis could also be responsible for the loss of range of motion in the knee.

You could also have damage to the meniscus which can cause significant pain as well.

See your Orthopedist. I'm sure he will order another MRI to get a clearer picture of what is going on.

I wish you the best of luck.