Hello. I have (four days ago) had an ACL Reconstruction on my right knee, as well as a third partial Meniscectomy. I have around 15 staples in the main wound, staples in the other locations and yesterday had the dressing reduced. I am doing the rehab exercises, but I am finding that despite my exercising, the ligament/hamstrings at the back of my leg are getting incredibly tight - I must clarify though I AM doing the rehab exercises. I was hoping that this is normal as despite the Physio telling me how they hang off the knee following the graft and I can't 'break' anything, as I am very worried that i might...lol. Im partially weight-bearing at the moment with crutches, and hopefully be full weight-bearing next week or so, but will have them with me at anytime just in case i need them. How long should it be before I start driving again? I am hoping for a few answers, so anything that you can tell me would be brilliant. THanks, Rob.