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My knee has been twitching for a few days... what causes it, and is it serious?


There could be many reasons for muscle twitching. Your problem could be something transient but it could also indicate an onset of a disease. If the problem persists you should address a doctor. It is really impossible to say without an examination what this could be, what’s causing it and therefore if it is serious or not.

Depending on possible other symptoms your doctor may decide to test for neurological diseases or even arthritis. Now, your age may have a role in suspecting what it could be.

For example, arthritis usually appears in people who are 40 and older.
Problems within spinal cord like nerve compression by a disc’s wear and tear could be suspect in younger people like those in their thirties.

S/he may also suspect ALS, which is a nervous system disease that causes degeneration in motor neurons and results in muscle weakness. This disease progresses slowly and it may take a few years to develop.

There are some other possible causes but like I said you need evaluation.