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i have a dumb question and maybe a serious one....

my entire life my right testicle sticks up further than my left. every once in a while if my girlfriend does her thing down there and my right hurts and my left does not.even when it is not a soar day and everything feels regular, the large blue vain that goes up and down the middle of the testicles is always way over to my right testicle.

when i squeeze the left then the right the left seems full and teh right seems empty (with whatever is inside) i am 20 years old so i did the sex ed thing sorry for the lack of medicle terms.


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Have you seen a doc for the pain? You should! I can’t think of anything that could be causing chronic testicular pain since you are only 20. I had problems with my testicles but all of the problems were acute with severe pain and swelling, so besides prostate problems that occur after the age of 50, I can’t think of anything else. Even if you had some sort of infection, you would probably have other symptoms as well.
If your right testicle has always been the way it is, then nothing’s wrong or your left testicle didn’t descend all the way and you should see a doc about that as well.
If the pain is appearing only when your girlfriend’s squeezing, then she must have been doing it rather harsh or you might have some psychological issue about the whole thing.
For the piece of your mind, you should see a doc and check if everything’s fine.