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My Right testicle has swelled up and I recently found a 3/8 lump on right side. The lump is very tender and it is very painful. I have unbearable pain in my groin and scrotum. The pain continues to be felt going up and around my back (near my kidney). It continues to hurt with an aching pain that runs down my right leg just below my knee. I am 72 years old.

I sometimes have problems Urinating and it can also be very painful to pee.

I had this same problem 5 years ago. My urologist had me take 1 Flomax pill each day and it did not help. He then prescribed a bright purple pill that also did not help. I finally was put in the hospital and was feed me medicine by IV. After 4 days in the hospital the swelling went down and everything was normal again. The doctor told me to take Prosar and – Decreases the size of the prostate) Takes a Flomax – Helps your pee flow

For the last 5 years I have been taking 1 Proscar pill and 1 Flomax pill day. I have had a hard time peeing.

Recently I have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. The doctor said they caught it early and treated me with 28 Radiations Treatment and then followed up with 2 Needle implant treatments where they inserted 18 needles below my scrotum and they pumped radiation through it. I just finished up with the needle treatments and that was when my swelling began.

My doctor wanted me to wait to see if the swelling would go down and told me to wait a week. The swelling did not go down and I asked him to put me in the hospital to feed medicine by IV. I was hoping this would help. The IV has been feeding me medicine the past 5 days and that has not helped. The pain is unbearable and I am ready to loose a Testicle if needed.

Please help provide some alternative solutions or advise so I maybe able to discuss this with my doctor. We are both at a loss and do not what to do next. I can not go on leaving this way.

Please respond quickly. Thank You.
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Please help me, the symptoms that you gave all add up to testicular cancer. You should go to the doctors immediately. I enjoy helping people as god intended. And i am trying ever so much to find a cure for cancer.

I also get soreness around my bladder area, I think it may be prostate problems. Because i have a weak flow of urine, I sometimes stop and then continue going. I also drip at the end. It might be prostate problems or bladder problems. But i am not concerned really, i have stomach ulcers, liquid around my lymph nodes (or in my intestines), I get dizzy and lose sight of vision for a little bit. But the blindness is probably lack of magnesium. I have soreness around my intestines, bladder area, rectal pain, and pain in my cologne which makes a liquid squishy sound. So if you want to help then alright, thanks.

But remember pleasehelpme, ask your doctors about checking you for testicular cancer. Because from the symptoms you gave i am 100% sure you have testicular cancer, it can get deadly if not treated.


Wow guest when I read the stuff that you wrote, I swore that i had written it. The reason why i say that is because you just described all of the medical problems that i have. I get pain around my bladder, in which i have weak flow and drip. I also was then diagnosed with liquid around my lymph nodes, in my intestines. Later i was diagnosed with stomach ulcers. I also get pain on the right side of my large intestine, in which when i squeeze it, it makes a liquidy sound, probaly due to the liquid. I also might already have a cure for cancer. I also do believe in god and choose to help people. I am a vegitarian, are you. I also get dizzy and get blind for seconds. I would also agree with guess on the testicular cancer. Or the bump my be some type of infection. You also may have prostate cancer.