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Hi, I'm 18 years old and have had no sexual partners whatsoever. Once in awhile I get small red bumps (I do not remember the correct name but they are not pimples) either on my thighs, close to on on my vagina. I was sick the last two days (just a fever) and went through the hot/cold process, typica fever stuff. Yesterday when I woke up I had one red bump and wasn't concerned simply because I had been sweating during the night. I took a shower and everything and it seemed fine. Today it began hurting when I sat or walked so I finally go home and checked it out. It now went from one to two huge bumps. The out side of the bump is red and raw, the net inner layer is white, and right in the middle of both are two huge black sections. One is on my outer labia and the other is on the next layer. I'm totally freaking out and will probably go to a doctor but does anyone have any reccommendations of what it could be or what I should do? I'm unable to sleep not only from the pain but I am beyond stressed out.


Hello Lisa,

the bumps you describe sound like they might be caused by ingrown hair or inflamed hair follicle. Depending on the way you shave/ wax your 'bikini area' chances for ingrown hair can be directly related to for example, shaving. I know it sounds like too simple explanation, but my best friend had this - ingrown hair blocked the follicles and what initially looked like under skin acne got really inflamed and painful. She had to take the full course of antibiotics to get rid of this pimple. So, what I recommend you to is to see your physician or ob-gyn because chances are you also might need something to help inflammation to come down,

Wish you all the best,