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I'm 15 years old. I remember shaving my bikini area and within the next few hours my labia majora (near the area where my thigh and vagina meet) started to swell & become uncomfortable to touch. After a couple more hours of that, i decided i should take a closer look. When i did i noticed it become LARGE. (think pea sized) and EXTREMELY painful (hard to walk, or lay down, or do anything where my legs had to be closed


Hello elorgan,

it sounds to me like shaving irritated one of your hair follicles, and since it's been only few hours since the bump appeared, chances are that it's not an ingrown hair, but instead that hair follicle got inflamed, just like when you have under skin pimple. And just like under-skin pimples, inflamed hair follicle can be very painful to touch and can lead to ingrown hair. You can ease the pain by making this boil 'mature' faster - take a clean piece of cotton or gauze, soak it in the warm water and put it on the inflamed spot. You can also try applying some Neosporin to the boil, just to make sure the inflammation goes down faster,

Wish you all the best,