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my last period i had black/brown discharge and no cramps or anything. this month it hasn't come yet. nothing like this has happened before, and i have been eating less but more junk if that might have anything to do with it. i'm also not sexually active.

hellllp! what could be wrong?


And you are worried because you usually have cramps and you are experiencing pain?

There is no reason to panic but maybe it would be wise to see your doctor. When things like this are in question you can’t ever be sure. I was experiencing strange color of the period during one year. That was the consequence of my unhealthy living. I was eating junk food, and my meals weren’t regular. I was leading very unhealthy life at that point of time and when I started to worry because of the color I went to the doctor.

He assured me that it is maybe some mild infection in question and that I need to change my life style which in the end I did. Now I don’t have any problems whatsoever. Try visiting the doctor and let us know how it went.