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I have for the past week been suffering with diarreah i will have this horrid sensation in my stomach which tells me ive got to get to that toiulet asap!! However this morning that sensation woke me up and i rushed to the toilet to find that i had diarreah once again although this time it was JET BLACK!! ive never seen anything like it before the odar was not pleasent and ever since ive been having dull sometimes sharp pain all around my stomach my lower abdomen and even in my chest?

 Also i dont no if this is linked just after id been to the loo i suffered a nose bleed for the first time ever ? Is this something i should see a doctor about ?




Hi KJ,

It's hard to say if the nosebleed is related to the other issues.

Black stool usually indicates blood though.  Some anti-diarrhea medicines can also make your stool black.

I would strongly suggest you see your doctor.  Diarrhea for a week is not normal.  You can get dehydrated.  It can also indicate a parasite or bacterial infection.

Good luck.


By now you should have

Anything coming out of your body in an un-natural or unordinary color is the sign of trouble. Never wait or be shy about going to a professional doctor for help. Black poop means there is old blood in you,coming out. Which means you have bleeding going on inside. You can mix 2 spoons whole wheat flour with a glass of water to slow down the diarreah,drink plenty of liquids to prevent you from getting dehydrated,too.