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Hello .

Have you heard about Eat-clean diet?

I am familiar with a lot of diet programs, weight loss supplements and pills, but I’ve never heard of this diet till recently.

My brother met this beautiful girl and they are seeing each other for a while now. About a week ago he invited her to have dinner with us. She happens to be a fitness instructor just like my sister.

The whole time through dinner they kept talking about Eat-clean diet.

Everybody got bored, I went to the market. And when I got back that topic was still on.

Yesterday, I heard my fitness instructor talking about the same diet. What’s up with that?? Why is this diet so popular among fitness professionals?


It is pretty simple. This diet is great  and it gives great results when it comes to weight loss.

Fitness is all about being fit. You can’t be fit while eating processed, unhealthy food. A good diet is even more important for being fit than the exercises.

Eat-clean promotes eating healthy, unprocessed food. Basically, if you did not get your food from a plant, an animal, the ground, or the ocean- you should not eat it. You should think like a cave men and eat whatever they once ate (plants, meat, fruits, seeds, oil etc.).

The main enemies of fitness are junk food and unhealthy lifestyle. Fitness professionals will always choose the healthy way and that is where the obsession with this diet comes from.  



Hi there.
I am a fitness instructor and I recommend everyone this diet program. People have no idea how the food that we eat on a daily basis is prepared. They are not aware of how many diseases are caused because of the unhealthy food we eat.
Obesity is clearly in more than 90% the result of unhealthy life style that includes unhealthy eating habits. I can understand why people are doing that. Junk food is now available more than ever, it doesn’t require time for preparation and it is delicious. Eat-clean diet program is trying to confront junk food and unhealthy eating habits in general, by promoting natural, organic food. And that is something that every fitness professional will support.