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hiya - just stopped taking birth control pills for the first time in SEVEN yrs last month. my period should of been here on the 23rd of may, its now june 8th. im getting worried but THREE hpt's all came back negative. i have an appointment tomorrow with my ob/gyn for blood work. has anyone been this late with negative hpt's and still been pregnant? if its the BC messing me up - how much longer until i can expect to be on track? is it even possible to conceive so quickly? i was using a "combination bc pill" - i thought this stopped ovulation???

so confused :$


Hi there with some people coming off there Bc can mean there will miss there period for 2-3 months from when they stop taking their pill this is because the pill has hormones that stop our bodies ovulating and can take a few month for the hormone level that is still in our bodies to come down enough to tell our productive system to start producing the hormone to let our body know it is time to ovulate in turn our period will arrive,

hope you understand where i am coming from my advise Even without getting your period first there might be a chance you are pregnant. Taking a pregnancy test will pretty much tell you whether your are pregnant or not. A negative pregnancy test, especially if it's repeated over a week or so, usually means that you are not pregnant. so my advise is to sit back and relax and wait and see if it arrives this month if you are worried go and see a general practitioner and explain to them you situation.