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Hi all,


I really need to hear if someone else is going through this.


I've been off the pill for just under 8 weeks now and had a period coming up four weeks ago (this Monday). About two weeks ago I felt rough dizzy, naseua etc so went to GP. Although I have come off the pill my partner and I aren't actively trying for a baby, just seeing what happens (we already have a 17month old). When I went to the GP HE suggested I was in early stages of pregnancy and took a urine test. My partner didn't really believe I could be this quickly on.

HOWEVER,  a few days later my belly suddenly bloated out giving a very pronounce 'bump'. People were actually asking me if I was. I went and got some hpt's all came back negative. So I went bk to see a different GP on Tuesday, he was amazed when the urine was negative as he said he believed I was pregnant. I asked about it being withdrawal symptoms from the pill, but I had only been on it for 5 months. He was adamant I was pregnant and sent for an early blood test, and to test to EVERYTHING (this was 6 days before period due).


I got a call from the first GP the next day to say everything had come back normal, and that my hcg levels were below 5mls, but didn't say what they were. I started crying on the phone and told him I am hiding indoors as my tummy looks like a bump (it was quite flat before) and I have not put on any weight were i have a little diarreah and feel so sick I don't want to eat. I have sore breasts, cramping, clear vaginal discharge, dizzy spells and extreme fatigue (basically how I felt with my first). I didn't test positive with her, with a faint positive test, at 5.5 weeks and showed almost imediately (everyone could tell and couldn't keep it quiet for 12 weeks). He said the most obvious situation is I am pregnant but it not producing the hormone enough. I asked him about pill withdrawals, water retention etc but he didn't seem to think any of these were an option as they tested for EVERYTHING in urine and blood test. He said they NEVER give pregnancy blood tests before a period was due but the GP was so adamant I was that he did it early. He told me to wait for next Wed for another blood test (I would be passed my period then) and then if I still haven't come on they will scan me. I couldn't wait and did another hpt this morning which was negative.


I just feel stuck in a rut at the moment. I am NOT bothered if I am or not but I am scared what is wrong if I am not as I look so bad. My partner is adamant I am as he never notices when I feel bloated but he was shocked how this bump just appeared and said to me it looks like I did before, the funny thing is as I said previously my weight hasn't changed.


Has anyone else gone through this. Please help me I need to know I am not alone.


When I know anything I will let you know asap.




I do believe i am 41/2 months pregnant. Because i have upper rib pain, bloating, tender breasts, and fatigue. I still have my eriod but it was late for 3 months and it now back to the regular cycle, i didnt have any morning sickness but other symptoms. I've taken 4 hpt's all negative, but i still feel pregnant, any help guys?

I'm Also 15 and this will be my first, im a little on the chubby side, and i have a bump but when i sit down it just looks like rolls?