i have been dealing with this for over five years. whenever i wake up in the morning, i will start sneezing and my nose will be running till about 10am and it will stop. i do have stomach pain at my left abdomen size which is giving me lots of discomfort. somethings it will make me to vomit and run temperature. i have eczema all over my body. i urinate too often and still feel the need to urinate again. i don't find it easy stooling. sometimes it will not even come.  i have done urine culture several time without any bacterial growth or granular noticed. i have done blood test with protein detected but doctor said its within acceptable range. i am in great pain and i am beginning to have some discomfort on my testicles. i was asked to cough so that the doctor will no if i have hernia but noticed nothing. i need help as urgent as possible because this pain is too much to bear