I am 47yrs old. I have had lower abdominal pain( R ) for over a year. i have had every test for gallbladder disease. recently i have developed a severe lover back pain.. burning sensation in the extreme lower middle part of my back which radiates over to my right lower abdomen. constant urination. at times i can't hold it back. I actually can urinate every 5 minutes if I want to. No pain, no foul smell, not cloudy. Intercourse if fine no pain, but still the urge to urinate. Back pain is not getting any better. I have been trying Skeleton for the back with only a slight decrease in pain. My bladder fells extremely full all the time. If I hold up my stomach away from resting on the rest of my body it feels a bit of relief. The feeling is almost the same as when i was pregnant. I take protonix for my acid reflux for about 5 yrs now. i also take over the counter Estroven ( recently ) all natural. I also have Hyperthyroidism without any medication. i also have had an OB-GYN work-up to testing for ultrasounds and biopsies.. No one is finding anything.. It's the back pain and feeling of a full bladder that is causing me so much discomfort.
I have 3 children all over the age of 18.I live in Rhode Island and at the present time not working.
Michele Cunha