Well my last long post got deleted when i logged in so to make this a little shorter what happen was, I was sitting awkwardly on my bed and i leaned awkwardly to my left and all of a sudden i got a tightness and pain feeling on my left side right below my left rib cage, When it happened i thought it might of just been my poop broke and twisted awkwardly because my medication does make my poop a little solid but dont think thats wsolidhat happen, I also notice that the 2nd and 3rd rib down from my left nipple are a little bulged up but theres no pain to touch my side but do get some pain when I go to bathroom and have been excessively gassy since this occured, I cant feel anything under my left rib but one of my ribs on lower left side i put my finger on like the tip of the rib closest to surface of my stomach and it feels like it has gotten pushed forward more towards the surface of my stomach compared to when i feel the same rib directly across on my right side, and everything looks and feela fine when i go to bathroom urine and poop beside like i said a little pain when pooping, but i also noticed a little dimple appeared in the middle of my back left of my spine about same location my 2ribs bulged.out would be, Im thinking maybe I dislocated one of them or maybe one got pushed forward and that reason dimple appeared on my back. I dont get much pain anymore only when i stand fora few hours and sometimes when i lay down i get some pain that travels from my left side to my right side and sometimes to the middle near belly button but burping or passing gad usually help but i dont see how gas could push out my 2 ribs? I haven been yo a doctor yet bcuz i am afraid...i dont want to hear that its something serious...im only 23 i have athletic body but really dont stay in great shape buy still only 150lb at 5'10, This all occured about 2 weeks ago about Dec 16-17th and it is now Dec 27th 2014, I really hope its only a dislocated rib or atleast nothing that cant be fixed...I dont get dissy or anything everything still feels fine beside obvs excessive gas and those 2 bulged ribs and dimple on back any suggestions or help would really be appreciated and goodluck to everyone who has similar feeling, thank u for taking time to read and possiably respond