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Hello im a 13 year old boy, and i have the left testicle about 1/3 the size of the right one, however, this is not causing me any pain or anything. im worried tho that this is something serious like hernia or something that will make me unavailable to have kids etc etc. i know theres a difference in size and so but i dont think its this mutch. and also i read around on the internet that this is normal but they say the left is BIGGER than the right one... thank you. :'(


Hi Albin,

It is not uncommon for one testicle to be a different size than the other. Remember too that you are just in puberty and that you are still growing. As long as you don't notice any lumps or have any discomfort then I wouldn't worry. If it makes you uncomfortable get it checked by your doctor.

I would probably wait until you were a little older to see if it gets bigger.

Hope it helps.