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I was under the impression that levothyroxine was pretty much the First Aid of thyroid problems and that it was routinely prescribed for Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Well, a friend of mine in Japan, of all places, told me that the doctors refused to prescribe him this medication for his Hashimoto's thyroiditis! Why do you think that might be?


Hi Mitch,

I know that Levothyroxine is used when somebody is having problems with thyroid gland. And if thyroid is not producing enough hormones then doctor will prescribe this medication to stabilize the level of hormones. To be more precise the condition is called hypothyroidism. Well I am not sure why they didn’t prescribe him this medication. There is a possibility that he might be allergic to the pills. Do you know if he has any other medical conditions? What did they do after they denied him this medication? Did he receive something else?

If your friend from Japan or he just been to a visit there? If he is coming back to the States he might wait and see a doctor here.

I hope this helped.