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The mom of my best friend from childhood was just told that she has bile duct cancer. This is a person I basically grew up with during my teens, though we have not seen each other of spoken in over ten years now. I am really sad about this. And I don't really know what to say to my friend, whom I also have not seen in a long while. Is there any chance my friend's mom can survive bile duct cancer? What is the life expectancy for this type of cancer? And what are the odds of treatment being successful?



As much as you know any cancer is dangerous. The fact that she was diagnosed with bile duct cancer means that in some cases the whole liver needs to be removed in order to cure the cancer. It also depends on the stage of cancer and on the severity of the cancer as well. I think that her best option is surgery. I think that around 40% of patient who have the surgery survive for at least five years. She has to understand that this will be ongoing battle against the disease. Your support will be appreciated as well so try to give your best. I hope this helped you a bit.


Good luck,