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My uncle, my mother's brother, was just told that he has secondary bone cancer. I am not very close to him and never see him more often than twice a year, but he is still family and I feel terrible for him. If someone could tell me more about the ins and outs of secondary bone cancer, and its life expectancy, I would appreciate that a lot.


Hi there,

Secondary bone cancer is very problematic condition. I am not sure but I think that doctors use the hormonal therapy in order to treat this cancer. Also chemotherapy is used and in some cases these two therapies will be joined in one treatment plan. I am not sure if you talked to your doctor about the surgery, because surgery is also a part of the treatment for bone cancer. With every cancer it is hard to say anything on the life expectancy. You have to hope for the best and to give your best to fight this condition. I hope that you will manage to get rid of this cancer.


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