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Immune system plays a great role in defending body against bacteria and viruses. Many people take daily variety of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements in order to provide healthy diet and lifestyle but researchers say that they shouldn’t count that it will help their immune response. On the market you can buy many supplements that claim to support immune system, but science has not yet determined what level of immune system cells help body to resist disease so there are not enough evidence weather these supplements actually help improve body immune system or not.

Recent research explains what do scientist really know about human immune system and what is happening with development of new vaccines that can have influence on immune system. So far, researchers say many factors in everyday life help body to keep immune system in good shape and that’s the things people should pay more attention to.

Important thing to do in order to keep immune system fit is to avoid tobacco, eat more fruit and vegetables and whole grains that are low in saturated fats, to exercise regularly, to control blood pressure, get enough sleep every day, try to avoid alcohol as much they can and one of the most important thing to try to prevent the infection by washing hands frequently and prepare food safely.


Hello Mark,

It is well known that your diet and exercise are important to your well being.  For some reason, some people think that they can take supplements and not eat properly or exercise and they will be okay.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  While various vitamins and supplements certainly help, they are no where near sufficient to keep you healthy.  Ultimately, that depends on your over all lifestye meaning diet and exercise.  So, take the time to set up a healthy menu and make sure you exerecise on a regular basis and in fact at least 3 times a week.