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ive got a cough and cold at the moment
im on codral cold and flu max
and biaxsig antibiotics

i was wondering if light cardio like juggling with a soccer ball
would be beneficial to my sickness

or make me even more sick



I believe it is essential to rest when you catch a cold and give your body some free time to get over a cold.
Drink a lot of fluids, take vitamins, eat a lot of fruits and other healthy foods and avoid fat foods as well as alcohol and smoking.

This kind of behaviour is more likely to boost your immune system and exercising is something you do before you catch a cold and some time after.

When I catch a cold, I usually can't think of exercising and let alone do any :-(


Hi there,
I heard someone once talking about how small sweat is good for curing cold. But I am not really shore about this. In my opinion your body is fighting the cold and the last thing you need to do is to waste energy on exercises. I think it can just weaken your immune system and make your cold worse. How long have you been sick? What did your doctor told you? My advice would be to wait for few more days until you get healthy. Then you can exercise and juggle with a soccer ball as much as you want and can.
Are those antibiotics doing their job? Do you see any improvement or chances with your cold?