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I have had a light green discharge from my vagina every once in awhile for the last four months. Maybe, two or three times a month. It is milky. I have only slept with two people in the last two years. It doesn't smell or do I have any itching or pain urinating. What could it be?


Hi there,

Some sexually transmitted diseases do not produce any symptoms for years on end, or if there are symptoms, they are vague enough for you to not pay any special attention to them. Chlamydia and gonorrhea come to mind. They may cause pain, but only years after you first caught them, in some cases. Green vaginal discharge may be the first symptom you have had. Take it seriously and get tested, I say. Now, it could also be that you have something like bacterial vaginosis which isn't necessarily an STD. 

To find out, you have to get tested. Don't delay. The sooner you get treatment, the better. 

Best of luck!