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Can anyone shed some light on choosing between screw fixation vs. tight rope fixation for the repair of my Lisfranc joint? I fell and completely tore the ligament 3 months ago - typical story, ER x-rayed my foot, no fracture seen, sent me home with an Ace bandage and directions to rest/ice. Fast forward 3 months, foot pain is progressively worse and I sought out the opinion of a specialist. MRI revealed a complete rupture of my Lisfranc tendon and >2mm spread between 1st and 2cnd metatarsals. I was given the option of screw fixation or the tight rope.....any insights on this choice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks


Hi Angel08,

Did you end up having surgery? If so which one? I am in same situation as you right now. 3 months post injury, doctor has given option for tightrope. 

How was your recovery?

Thank you,