Hi new to this but i'm impresed with what i have read so far.

So here goes.

16 weeks ago i started to get the pains in lrr and went to the docs.

ah he sayes you pulled a yada yada. still pain

go back week2. hmm! liver scan! still pain

week 3 scan. ok not enlarged slightly different shade to kidney.still pain (no gaul bladder?. taken 2 years ago)

week 4 doc says a little fatty liver, biliruben slightly high. you have gilberts syndrom stopped turpsing!(red wine 6 bootles a week roughly and phisical work) runs 2 or three miles twice a week.

week5. doctors again. cant live with pain, what now? pain killers and pancras blood test. all good.

week 6 now streased and in pain cos this is beccoming more than a pulled muscle.

week 7 admited to a and e in pain. blood test good. swollen testicals and left beast burning. pain. go home as ya not puking or passing blood.not dying tonight. go. still in pain .

week 8 pain. still same condition. pain

week 9  working night shift. admited to hospital. pain swollen yada yada. go home not dying tonight.

week 9.5 docs.please help. booked in for gastro doc.9 appointment aug. 10 weeks away. pain. still off drink and drinking water and fresh fruit. got the squits! bad. no blood. streased. must be the fruit though?

week 10 same condition but now have bronchitis. hrts when i cough!

week11 same

week 12 pain bad a and e.  go home not dying tonight. bronchitis. sore breasts but testicles gone back to normal.

week 13 appointment made by calling repeatedly nhs gastro doc. hoorah!

week 13 saw doc, same conditions. he says you need cat scan to find out whats up. apointment in 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!?????? ahhhhhhhhhh

week 13.8 captains log. will jim beam me up before i shoot myself?

i am a father of 6 kids 48 years old and run my owen two companys. worked all my life paid in to nhs and feel like a hypocondriac (is that how you spell it?) not worke now for 6 weeks and going under.


Thanks for listening and please, constructive help only please. DAD