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I am 26 years old and in the summer of 2006 I was shot. The 22mm round entered my right lower flank at an upward angle. This slug managed to severe my Inferior Vena Cava, wound the Duodenum as well as hitting L1 and L2 nerves on my right side. My Vena Cava was closed off due to complete blood pressure loss during emergency surgery. The duodenum was successfully repaired and the nerves remained in tact and my right leg operates at about 85%.

After that surgery, in the end of 2006 I had a lot of abdominal pain. I visited with vascular specialist and the ER for a cat scan and hernia examination(water up my ass!!!!) these tests were all inconclusive and I was sent home with a clean bill of health, every time. The pain came and went and was gone for the most part through the beginning of 2007. In October I found myself in the ER again with severe abdominal pain. The end result of that visit was a prescription for 5 xanax (because I came in to the ER in a state of panic) and they told me to find a GI specialist and sent me home. No blood was taken and no tests past a urine specimen and vitals. (thank you Freeman of Culver City).
I went home and ended at the GI specialist 3 weeks later after 8 severe attacks. The GI assumed it was a stomach ulcer gave me meds for it and sent me home to await an ERCP. Later that night I drove myself to the ER at Cedars / Los Angeles this time because it was obvious something wasn't right. They performed a cat scan and took blood and urine. They found gall stones and pancreatitis. Finally a cause for all this pain. My blood enzymes were very high due to advanced infection so they admitted me for a week and performed the ERCP and a day later removed my gall bladder. They went in through the scar from my previous operation. They cut through major adhesions and removed the gall bladder and sealed the bile duct.
I was in the hospital another 6 days and was released. The first two days I was in pain but felt ok. Pain level was at a 4 with VicodinES two every four hours. I rested the weekend and intended on returning to work on Monday. A bit soon but my job is low stress and there is a couch! By Sunday night I was in a really high amount of pain. I figured maybe walking around too much over the weekend was the cause. No big deal. I went to work on Monday and couldn't hack it. I returned home early in the afternoon and spent the rest of the week in bed with a pain level of 8. This pain didn't hit me too bad in the morning, but it would start rolling on bad in the early afternoon. Then by about 4 or 5 o'clock I was bed ridden in an extreme amount of pain. I waited the week out and went to the follow up appointment with the surgeon 2 weeks to the day out from the surgery. I let him know that this pain I was still in was no joke! It hurt and it hurt bad! He seemed a bit nervous and sent me to the ER with a note informing them that I had a gall bladder removed and they should check for a bile leakage. So they took me in the ER late Friday evening and ordered another cat scan as well as blood work and urine.
These tests were all inconclusive. They found no fluid leaks or build up and no infection. They wrote me a prescription for 20 Vicodin 500 and sent me home. Well, that was Friday and today is Monday. I am still in the same amount of pain and not able to make through any part of my day on my feet or sitting. I have a sharp stabbing pain in the same spot everyday. About three inches up from my belly button on my right side. This is a deep inside me kind of pain. It does not go away and increases pain level through the roof when I sit or stand. It didn't hurt this bad when I was shot! I am eating the correct diet and have regular bowel movements. Sometimes I feel I have excess gas but that passes and is not the cause of this pain. There is no pain at the incision site and no swelling. Last night while standing the pain got so bad that I went from about to puke to about to black out. The pain is at it's least while I'm laying down but I have been laying down for 16 days after the surgery.

Shouldn't I have some level of mobility at this point and why am I in so much pain still? Has anyone else gone through this amount of pain after an open gall bladder removal? What are other things I should have a specialist look for? What is this internal stabbing pain? If they left some sort of something inside of me during the procedure would it show on a CT scan?

I have a appointment with the surgeon that performed trauma surgery on me the first time tomorrow afternoon. I will have the CT scan forwarded and get his opinion. I also have a appointment with a GI specialist first week in December.

Thank You for reading and any help you have provided.
I apologize for the rant!



Hi there,

I had emergency open surgery for gall bladder removal last Sept 24, 2007. It has been a super long recovery process. Maybe you need to just take it easy? I still have some pain, but am faring much get to this point has taken time...a lot of time. Caused me to go into major debt due to being financial safety net wasn't big enough to keep me from the wolves so to speak. I am now actually looking for work...nothing physical. My gall bladder apparently consisted of dead and dying tissue...the surgeon tried to remove it laproscopically, but that failed...the gall bladder broke and they ended up cutting me from sternum to past my belly incision about 9 1/2 inches long...had over 40 staples (ouch). I was told that they had to take my intestines out of the body cavity to wash them...that's a lot of trauma. Everyone heals differently...even though people think a gall bladder removal is not all that really can be...especially with open surgery. I wish you a fast return to health. Take it Easy!