I am writing this in hopes that maybe someone can answer my questions that I have about MD. I am completely aimless on where to search for information.

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this. I have a fiance that has muscular Dystrophy and I am not so sure as to which one he has. I know that it effects his arm and neck muscles and he has trouble speaking so I was thinking that he might have the form of Facioscapulohumeral. I am not a Dr. so I can't just pin point that one form. He is almost 24 years old and he has been showing symptoms sense he was 5 I believe. Well we are considering having a child together and I am not sure if it is hereditary or not. I am not even sure if all MD is hereditary. so I am going to post a few questions...

1. Is Facioscapulohumeral hereditary?

2. If it is, what are the chances of my child getting it?

3. If it is hereditary what are the chances of my child get one of the extremely bad cases even if the father has a mild form of it?

Thank you for taking your time and reading this and I look forward to hearing from someone soon!