I am a 13 year old girl, and I know some of you might say I am to young to be losing weight, however, it's not for me to look "good" in an outfit or for the opposite sex (I actually look like a good size by aperance I look like I am 110-115). however, its for my own benefit. I do not feel, nor I will ever feel, insecure about my self. Its just that I weigh 150 pounds, 5'1 feet, and I don't believe its healthy for a girl (not my age but my height) to weight that much. My doctor told me just to stay aware about the things I eat/do, and I did. I read a height, weight chart (actually several) and It stated, " For a female who is the height of 61 inches should approximation weight about 106-130. I would like specifically what types of exercises (not diets, because it could be unhealthy for my age to drastically change my eating habits to which my body isnt familiar digesting) to do to lose weight. I know you should exercise about an hour a day and drink at least 8 cups of water or more, but I want to know specific exercises to do.