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i am a 13 year old girl at the height of 5'7 and only weighing 102. people say i am under weight at school because i am on track and going basketball and into sportsalso because am a size 00-1's in the jouinars section. but the problem is i have trouble gaining weight. i stay fit by working out, and i eat fairly healthly, so am i uder weight?


No and yes you are, your body to fat index is pretty low. Which is not a bad thing. Yet I said yes your body fat index is to low to but not by much. Its hard for you to gain weight because you have a high metabolism which is good because you burn fat faster then a lot of people. A lot of people might be jealous. So what I advise you doing is eat a healthy meal then do some running and exercise followed by a snack. Which will keep you in shape and fit. Don't let anyone discourage you saying your under weight simple say you have a high metabolism and call them pudgy(i am kidding when I say this). But be proud that your athletic you might be a pro one day =)

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Young Lady
I wish to say that you may just have be that way, or at least for now, with the intake and hard work outs,
Do you have regular periods?
Having them is a good indicator on your body fat and how maintains itself.
My thought is if you DO NOT have regular periods or not at all, then eat a little more Carbs & Calcium products over a longer time, to bring up your weight slightly, like to 110# to 115#
This is not really a lot, but proper body fat is very important to all females of your age.
don't do what I did, go from 160# to 185# in 5 months, just after high school & before entering boot camp.
Keep working at it - "You look good darling" Billy crystal