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im 12 and soon 13, in February next year. And I just, I struggle with my body and how I look. I'm 5'4 (162 cm) and my weight is 106 pounds and all my friends are like 100 pounds and it just makes me feel so insecure. 2 months ago I was 112 pounds but I lost 6 pounds so but it still isn't enough. And I know people think it's skinny but I still look fat and don't have a big thigh gap and I don't have a completely flat stomach like all my friends do. My BMI is 18,6 (I think, I'm not sure) and idk what to do. I want to lose weight so I'm at least 100 pounds. I do work out and I eat some food everyday, I eat some bread for breakfast and then eat late lunch and then I usually work out multiple times a day. I just, what do I do if I wanna get skinnier? I googled what most 12 yr olds weigh who are 5'4 and it mostly says that the "perfect" weight is 100 pounds or something. 

Im sorry if this is messy, it's because I'm from Sweden so I'm not that good at English so I'm sorry for that. 


listen, I'm around your age too and I've been through lots of articles on how do I get a thigh gap and flat stomach, but those two aren't all about weight. Thigh gap actually really depends on your hip bone structure and it's really not healthy to have a large thigh gap if you weren't born with it. Also, a stomach that sticks out a little could be because of stress or too many sugary drinks, you can find an article about that online. But here's the thing I have to say, you are plenty skinny for your height, at your height and weight your BMI is 18.,2 that underweight! idk about the standards in Sweden but you are thin! you really shouldn't be worrying when your body is what many would strive for! including me lol