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My 18 year old daughter is 5'1" and 130 trying to lose 10 pounds. She is following the weight watchers plan and burning approximately 1000 calories a day either, running, eliptical, or walking. She has not lost a pound and is very frustrated. Does anyone have ideas? She has been doing this for about a month now.
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Is she eating enough??? I would suggest not paying for weight watchers or any other "plan" but using a site like sparkpeople and tracking food and exercise that way. There you enter your height, weight, goal weight and they will tell you how much to eat and exercise for optimum and healthy resluts that will last long term. I lost 70 pounds with their site and it is free!

Otherwise, I suggest she needs to eat more..mainly fresh fruits and veggies NOT pre-packaged PROCESSED foods which are nothing but junk.